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River running down from Glendalough lakesGlendalough was made famous by Saint Kevin who came to the area in the sixth century. He was looking for a place of solitude and having found it, remained and lived a rather hermitic life. In AD 498, he founded his monastery in Glendalough which attracted thousands of people who were intrigued by St. Kevin's simple and scholarly ways. Over time, a school developed, attracting thousands of students from Europe. St. Kevin died in the year AD 618 at 120 years of age but the remains of his monastery can still be seen.

Glendalough Round TowerThe most famous of all the landmarks in Glendlough is the Round Tower which stands 33 meters above the ground. It was built almost 1000 years ago by the monks of St. Kevin's monastery. The roof had to be replaced in 1876 when it was struck by lightning. The Glendalough round tower was originally built as a bell tower and a place of refuge when the monastery was attacked. There are many stone crosses and churches to see. As well as these magnificent remains, there is the awe-inspiring scenery of the valley and upper and lower lakes to enjoy.


.St. Kevin's Monastry

Glendalough Upper lake

Mountain Goat spotted on a hike around Glendalough Upper Lake

Glendalough Lower Lake

River flowing down into Glendalough Upper Lake

Maze of sorts next to lower car park near the Heritage Centre